With PDF995 Your Info Products Change Into PDFs

With PDF995 Your Info Products Change Into PDFs

Building an ebook requires that you have several items in your toolbox, even if you outsource it rather than create it yourself. Your ebook needs to be delivered in a specific format, which you will have to think about.

One alternative is to develop a compiled version.

As you create them, following this method, each and every chapter of your ebook is put on a html page by itself. Then one folder is utilized to hold all the pages on your server. Last but not least you compile the electronic book by making use of one of the various ebook compiler programs.

A different method is to put your ebook into Adobe’s PDF format. You do not even need an Adobe product that is expensive to do this, because there is a great no cost tool you can use. You can actually get two products together, PDF995 and PDFEdit995, and you must download them both. Working the tool is straightforward; get started by installing on your laptop or computer the components you’ve downloaded. The next step is to click on your electronic book and then choose print from the menu of the program it was made with. In the window that opens you can save your electronic book as a PDF file with a new name.

With the no cost version of PDF995 an ad will show up in a small, pop-up window. This happens only when you generate a PDF file, so none of your readers will see it.

Open PDFEdit995 once your file is printed, and you will see a short ad there also. You can revise your ebook, by, for example, including page numbers and feedback, and adding clickable hyperlinks. The development of information products is greatly facilitated by the set of tools you receive with PDF995.

It’s free, which is a boon in these tough economic times.

This is an excellent product to use whenever you are creating an e-book. E-books that you have sold must not be sent by means of DOC files. The only exception is if your buyer has bought private label rights.

You don’t want to become the victim of theft after generating an ebook that you intended selling. With the time and effort you’ve put into your info product, why lose out when you don’t have to. Much fewer individuals will steal from you, the more difficult you make it.

You’ll be able to take your PDF document and even disable the right click function, which will make it more secure. People could still copy your text, but it will be harder.

Info products like e-books make for an excellent business model.

Definitely take a look at PDF995 and its set of tools if you think this could be the appropriate business model for you.

They are going to let you turn your Word files into PDFs and modify them, so they are ready to sell.